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We know you have a choice in technology providers. Cas Soft’s mission is to be the obvious choice, due to our ability to deliver a higher quality product and a higher level of service. Please consider these factors:

Cas Soft is the local provider. If you need us there, we can be there.

Cas Soft is accountable. You can get answers directly from the people that designed, built and installed your product. If need be, any member of our staff is directly accessible if you have an issue that needs resolution.

Cas Soft is cost-effective. We strive to ensure that our solutions boast a lower total cost of ownership than those offered by other providers of custom products, as well as the leading high-end shrink-wrapped solutions. We want to make sure our customers get their money’s worth, and as such Cas Soft staff are always looking for ways to add value – always looking for how our products and services can increase your revenue, save you time, and save you operating costs. It adds up to a sound financial move.

Cas Soft’s hosted back-end products integrate natively and completely with your website. Your initiative cannot be more effectively realized than with Cas Soft’s proven solutions. Our content management, CRM and business intelligence modules help you to capture opportunities that could otherwise be missed – helping you in extending your reach and your market. And there aren’t two systems to learn; the website talks to the back-office system, and the back-office system controls the website. It’s truly one tightly-integrated product.

No per-seat license. We build our products for you to grow with. Adding more staff to the system doesn’t increase your operating cost for the software. If you add another facility, you don’t need to invest in the product all over again – your only new costs are for us to install the system in the new facility, to train your staff, and any additional support you may require.

Perpetual license. You don’t need to re-license the product annually. You can use it in the business forever. And if the business is sold, the license is transferable.

A sampling of several brief case studies illustrates how Cas Soft's expert application of consulting and engineering services delivers tangible value to growing organizations.


When Xerox® sought to abbreviate the development cycle of a new piece of hardware, Cas Soft was asked to demonstrate how this could be done. Cas Soft engineers modeled the new product in software, facilitating more immediate user testing, reduced turnaround from identification of UI problems to a new pseudo-hardware version, and a quicker time-to-market. The savings in hard and soft costs vastly outweighed the total investment in this highly successful pilot program.

Daimler's Current Website

Frieghtliner® (now Daimler Trucks) seeking to streamline and unify pricing across product lines for their global customers, came to Cas Soft asking how this might be done. Cas Soft’s team learned Freightliner®’s processes from end to end and developed a product exactly tailored to their needs, allowing direct input of a very wide range of data in any number of formats, minimizing and in many cases eliminating double and triple-entry.

OddBall's Current Website

Frustrated by a lack of shoe choices for larger men, brothers Seth and Zac Longaker launched the Oddball Shoe Company in 1999. Greater than 70 percent of their business is derived from Cas Soft's award-winning web store. Virtually all of their business at two locations is run by Cas Soft-managed applications, which are tied directly to their websites. Revenues from sales significantly outpace industry trends.

DeMarini's Website
DeMarini Wilson

When DeMarini® decided to explore an online extension of their conventional business, they knew where to turn. Cas Soft went into motion, designing a website that met their very specific constraints. Seamless integration between Cas Soft's application servers and internal DeMarini® systems resulted in significantly increased revenue, and with a low and short learning curve. Sales of DeMarini®’s revolutionary bat designs were so aggressive that DeMarini® was acquired in 2001 by Wilson Sports®.